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Motion and graphics can make a statement whether in a corporate logo, mechanical process or real estate development.

We've created many specialized (and proprietary) projects over the years and look forward to moving your project.


For logos, selling, teaching or special events (as below), the whiteboard technique can add interest and allow for more opportunities.

We're able to insert 3D and live video into our  projects and even insert a whiteboard into a video containing live video. Consider the possibilities.


This initial concept for a utility company shows a couple other techniques with whiteboard:

The insertion of the motion graphic globe and our artist's colored characters telling more of the story.

Imagine your animated story. 

Special Projects

Whiteboard has its place in the teaching world and for special occasions... as it did for our animator's daughter's birthday.

Line Drawing Animations

There are times when a more technical look is desired than using a lot of color.

This starts with a short opening graphic, then an observation drone in color then to line drawing animations showing more precision and detail.

Industrial Training

The need came in for a simple, industrial training piece to show the operation of a specialized heating unit.

PS/A also created the line drawings for the piece.

Commercial Animation

There are times when stand-alone commercials or segments of other videos need a bit of color and motion - so we go back in time, retrieve the old techniques and make them work.

We find what it takes to hold the viewer's attention.

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