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World Languages

We're a global society - a global pool of businesses, a global market, that dictates we communicate globally. No matter what the major language you need, PS/A handles real person translations in over 80 languages. NO software... just real people translating and verifying your project... be it an ad, a video, technical presentation or your website.

80 World Languages for your project's global success

We have found that dealing with our global clients (and some national ones like WalMart), that a project in another language is paramount to their success with a product or service.

We translate in and out of over 80 languages and we do it with real people. People familiar not only with the language, but the region - the dialect. And that can make a lot of difference
in the success of your project. The projects below were originally done in English but our int'l client needed them for their overseas market so... we again got the call and the assignment.

We can do the translation, the audio and the graphics as needed. We source in-country partners for marketing research and analysis of the translations - especially technical and medical.

Japanese Video

Our international biosciences client, ATMI, has developed some innovative electronics recovery techniques. We first produced this in English (Original HERE) and then for their overseas counterparts they requested it in Japanese and then Chinese below.

Chinese Video

This is a redo of our english and Japanese high tech video only this time done in Chinese for our client's foreign counterparts. Translation services (in over 80 languages) is just part of our production capabilities for video and print.

Written Samples:

Mexico Spanish
Latin American Spanish

Each will open in a new page. click to enlarge for easier reading and close to return here. Samples of foreign voices can be herd HERE at the bottom of the men's voices.

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