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Video Production

It's a fact - when you have video in your marketing, your special promotions, your training programs or on your website, you get more attention, you get better employees, you get more sales. People are more engaged in a video than
print and they retain more and are more motivated to act.

Below are the areas of our experience that will benefit your very special production project. We look forward to working with you on your important program.

Video Production

Move Your Message

If movies didn't work, the entertainment industry would be dead, TV shows would be filled with print ads and newspapers would be growing bigger - they aren't.

Motion, music, effects, dialog, they all go to creating an experience that moves the viewer. More and more companies are using video for marketing and webcasts to promote and train. We've been in production since 1971 serving clients who need to promote and sell.

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Video Production

Imagine Possibilities

Whether for marketing or training, green screen production offers many options when adding graphics, video footage or animation or other desired effects. Planning is the key to a clean production using one of our studios. Many of our recent projects including Italy's Stilo Development or Amsterdam's HEAD Sports used green screen for their important marketing efforts.

Video Production-webcasts

Webcasting for Results

We've produced many webcasts over the last 15 years of the growing web. Some use a satellite or microwave truck, others are direct to web, or using VYVX or LTN. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
PS/A will put your corporate material to your locations or audience, or for the world to see - Your choice on how the material is accessed for marketing, training or updating the public or your employees.

Video Production

Modern Medical Magic 

Our 20+ years of medical marketing and production experience has been of benefit to groups like Johnson & Johnson, Zimmer, Smith & Nephew, DePuy, UnitedHealth and others. They trust our ability to broadcast their surgeries, design their graphics, produce their software.

Location Video Production

Location Location

Whether for marketing or training, location shoots create many questions related to lighting, audio needs and the size of the production which might require grips, power needs, teleprompter, SAT truck, dollies, cranes etc. Over our 46+ years, we've dealt with many situations. We've never failed our clients.  REVIEWS

In a nuclear plant, on a weapons range, with a pro golfer on a course, or at the Oscars or ESPYS, for a DVD or web video, our personnel continue to perform to meet our clients' needs.  Since 1971 we've produced for the almost every industry, military, local and foreign governments, special medical environments and even some fun events for marketing and training.

High speed Video Production

Action @ High Speeds

Using a high speed camera takes a special operator and skills. Pre-planning is paramount to determine the speed needed, the right camera, lighting requirements and the right location. Usually a 2nd or 3rd camera unit is used for documentation and additional standard shooting along with our DM / Data Manager.

High Tec Video Production

High Tec Specs

High tech projects require many elements: Nuclear plants, Level D clean rooms or surgery suites, each have its own requirements. We've been in all of these for our varied clients.
Our team has decades of experience in a variety of locations and situations including corporate, network, sports, to make sure we comply with all safety and regulatory needs and to meet the client's goal of a quality production.

Studio Video Production

Studio Superiority

A studio is a more controlled environment for those special productions that might include products, a webcast or other shooting requirements with special lighting, audio or equipment needs.

Live event Video Production

Live Event Support

Events have a lot of players: Audio, lighting, video, projection, staging - many elements to make it look and operate efficiently. PS/A has produced small panel discussion webcasts and large four screen IMAG events at large black tie auctions.
Whether a concert, formal event or managing a display at a trade show, PS/A has been there and done that for our clients

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