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Video Production Samples

It's impossible to show every project from 45+ years but here are some recent ones, representative of our efforts for our clients in sports, high tec, marketing, pharmaceutical and development -including translation projects - - Another PS/A service!

HEAD Sports

For their biggest new product launch in 5 years, HEAD ask PS/A to create their dealer program. It was then placed on our secure server so 3500+ N. American dealers could securely watch. While the majority of the program is proprietary, they were kind enough to allow us to show the ending segment and credits. 

Grand Canyon

Stilo is a major European developer and headquartered in Milan, Italy. Over the last 4 years, they have come to PS/A for their video, graphic  and website marketing projects. We thank them for their trust  to serve them.

Novak Djokovic

When the #1 men's tennis champion needed to be showcased, it was PS/A that got the assignment. This was part of another show we did but displays the energy of this dynamic player and his award winning performances throughout the world.

High Speed Shots

As part of a project for Homeland Security, high pressure volatile gasses became a concern. So, shooting them with .50 cal rifles at 17,000 frames per second and watching the effect of their better system was a natural.

Japanese Video

Our international biosciences client, ATMI, has developed some innovative electronics recovery techniques. We first produced this in English (Original HERE) and then for their overseas counterparts they requested it in Japanese and then Chinese below. 

Chinese Video

This is a redo of our english and Japanese high tech video only this time done in Chinese for our client's foreign counterparts. Translation services (in over 80 languages) is just part of our production capabilities for video and print.

High Tech

Materials used in semiconductor manufacturing are highly corrosive and volatile. Our client wanted to introduce their newest packaging and of course called on one of their long time partners... Production Services / AZ for our slow motion camera work.

Motion Fun

For the SEMICON convention in San Francisco, our client wanted a special presentation of their product so... at their suggestion, we took our slow motion production, combined with classical music and this is the result for a memorable viewing at the industry's largest convention.


For a variety of projects (video & photography), the latest drone technology can make a lot of sense.  For real estate, golf courses,  manufacturing, or construction, our fully licensed FAA pilot is available to make you and your project look good.


One of our valued production partners asked us to create a marketing video for them to reach more customers. It was our pleasure to work with them on this project. We'd like to do the same for you.


When Primus Pharmaceutical was to make their initial presentation to the FDA in Washington, they called on PS/A to create this all important video. It was incumbent on us to present certain basic product information, but do it in a format that was interesting and visually engaging.


One of our construction company clients (in addition to Del Webb, D.R. Horton, Linpro, Hunt and others) challenged us with their marketing.  This included videos as well as the print and web projects you'll see mentioned at the end of the video.


Every project is different and we use project appropriate equipment. Smaller, more affordable cameras may work for some web projects while larger cameras with more capabilities work for broadcasts, 4K and other projects. We save your budget wherever possible without cutting quality. Ask us how!


Our FAA licensed and certified pilot operates a variety of cameras for drone projects. Whether for real estate, construction or general landscape surveying, video and still photography is an appropriate option for many. PS/A has also provided aerial video and photographic support for our clients.


More and more companies see the benefit of a quality training team. PS/A has produced for the world's largest nuclear company from France, for a large international biosciences client and others. A quality video approach, efficient graphics and print, all go to create a success.


For marketing and continuing education, live surgery webcasts has been a large part of our work for nearly 20 years. Our clients range from Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon, to DePuy, Smith & Nephew, Wright, Gore, Qualis, pSividia, Primus, Alimera and others. We've broadcast over the internet direct, our VIVX fiber network and SAT trucks. Our medical projects have taken us all over CA, NV, UT, NM, and AZ.


Businesses know the value of communicating with their employees, customers and the public. HEAD Sports wanted to communicate with over 3500 dealers, Sweet Adelines Int'l want to reach their world wide audience and Herbalifie needed a 4 hour webcast for their training and marketing. All of them called on the broadcast services of PS/A for their critical and important marketing & training needs.


Whether promoting artificial turf, a pro golf resort with Jack Nicklaus, or a printing/mailing company... they know that video was their choice of mediums. Again, over 46+ years of projects, we've been a lot of places and done a lot of projects. We'd like to put that experience to work for you and your product.  Contact us with your questions and together we can to work out a plan and a budget to meet all your goals.

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