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In today's communication world, the web sits at the top spot. Be it a website for your company, a live event locally broadcast or a full webcast for around the world.

We've done it all over the years and invite your inquiry into our capabilities.

Live events

Live Events

You show up with all the toys: video, audio, lighting, staging, IMAG screens, everything... just as we did for years for the Boys & Girls Clubs. There's a lot of planning, packing, shipping, unpacking, set up and execution.

Cameras, lights, action, broadcast. It's easy for us and we've been producing nearly 50 years.

Live events are important contact points for employees, customers and the public. A chance to show off your corporation presence and so everything should look and sound great.

Live events

Crowd Engaging

When you can fill a room a hundreds of people with large screens of entertainment, powerful sound, moving graphics, color and music... it's a great evening.  PS/A can bring the stage, the lights, the audio, cameras, everything to make your event sizzle - and we'll enjoy the excitement as much as your guests will.

Webcasting Services

Historic Aura

For several years, it's been our privilege to broadcast from the historic Orpheum Theater. We broadcast competitions worldwide for the Sweet Adalines groups. Great sounds, beautiful video, historic surroundings. A great gig.

Studio Production

Studio Webcasts

We have full broadcast capabilities for your project. A full studio small enough to be efficient, large enough to do the job. We have a full control room, audio control room, master control, VYVX system, the cost effective LTN transmission system, and a crew to make it all happen for your webcast. Just as we did for Herbalife, HEAD sports and others.

Medical Production

Location Webcasts

Whether broadcasting through a wire or a satellite, PS/A has handled many high profile webcasts across the country. The largest medical companies have used our services, our crew has worked the NBA league in Vegas, and panel discussions from La Jolla to Washington DC. We use the finest broadcast equipment and experienced personnel.

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